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For Players

Ultimate Athlete Project

When you join The Ultimate Athlete Project you'll be joining a large global community of athletes and a team of coaches who are here to support your performance goals. Train Smart. Play Harder!

Ultimate Skills Project

Take control of your own ultimate development with instruction and feedback from the best ultimate coaches in the world..

Agility for Handlers

A 6 week program designed to help you get open and defend up-the-line and dump cuts.

For Coaches

URCA Membership

Over a thousand coaches world-wide tune in to our conferences. Here we take those conferences and push the learning further, tailoring it to your needs

URCA Conference

Continue your professional coaching development. Tune in to hear what some of the best minds in the sport are doing with their teams.

Ultimate Athlete Handbook

The first strength and fitness resource written just for ultimate, it has influenced the training methods of players all over the world!

Join 25 Ultimate Tips

A twice-weekly column of expert advice to improve your performance on the ultimate field. You'll get workout and exercise examples, throwing advice from experts in the field, and get your questions answered!