Unleash Your Athletic Potential

You're already training. Make sure your time is spent as efficiently and effectively as possible. The Ultimate Athlete Project ensures your training transfers to on field performance with no wasted effort!


What is Your True Potential?

Is there a part of you that wonders what it would it be like to play on an elite team? Or to be on the starting lineup in the games that matter?

You’ve tried putting together your own training program. You’ve pasted together programs from other sports, used old track workouts, or maybe even followed an online weightlifting program. But are you really getting the most out of your athletic potential?

What you need is a practical training program designed for athletic performance. The Ultimate Athlete Project is a long term plan, created from the ground up with ultimate in mind. Get the athleticism you want plus the confidence that comes with knowing you've prepared in the best way possible. 

What Makes the UAP Different Than What You've Tried Before?

Functional Strength

We promise strength and power development that translates to the field. If you've done bodybuilding style training or power lifting, you'll find that our strength training is a little different! But it will allow you to move better, be more quick, and feel great at the end of a long tournament or practice.

Ultimate Specific Conditioning

Stop wasting time on track workouts. The most effective conditioning mimics the movement and metabolic demands of ultimate. We make sure you're in tournament shape far before the first time you step on the field.

Planning for Athletic Performance

The difference between training and just working out is having a plan. Every training session in the UAP is related to what comes before and after. We've got you covered for off season, preseason, in season training and tapering for your most important tournament of the season.

Strong Community!

When you join The Ultimate Athlete Project, you'll be joining over 700 athletes in 39 countries. Members help one another with training questions, get critiques on lifting form, and help keep you motivated for more!

Ready to Go?

Sign up, get instant access to the programming and get started! Your decision now affects your performance in April and beyond!

What do our Members Think?

I joined the UAP in the off-season because I need structure for my workouts. I don't have troubles getting to the gym, but I do have troubles knowing what to do. The UAP gave me confidence in the gym, and helped structure my offseason, preseason, and (currently) inseason. It was immediately obvious to me at the start of the season that I was in better physical shape than I have been in past years. I'm a shameless promoter of the UAP at this point!
Kristin Franke, DC Scandal
Before the UAP, I would work out inconsistently, and choose to do what felt I should do that day at the gym. As a UAP member, I have my year planned out with periodization, including the exact workouts to do each day and week. I am now working out 3-5 days a week. The UAP is the boost I needed
Dave Lindsey, Chicago Haymaker
UAP has not only made me more aware of the huge impact that strength and conditioning has on the game, but also does the thinking and planning for me so I can get the most out of my gym time!
Hilco, Rusty Bikes (Amsterdam)
I found the UAP through a recommendation from a friend and fell in love with it. I have an unpredictable work schedule and the UAP helped me to find time to work out. The workouts are designed to be an hour long; it is so helpful to have a goal in mind when doing a workout or going to the gym. I am in great shape and feel like daily focused exercise has become a part of life my because of the UAP. I cannot speak highly enough about the speed and endurance this program has helped me achieve; I feel very ready to take on club mixed regionals (and hopefully nationals!!) in a couple of weeks.
Taylor Simpson, Metro North

Your complete Long-term Plan

In the Ultimate Athlete Project we take a long-term view of athletic development. UAP programming will be with you from the start of your training all the way to the end of the season, and more. Our longest-serving members have improved their athleticism for 6 years and counting!

Here's what your next year with us would look like:


  • The foundation of your athletic performance is built here
  • It all starts with strength and power
  • Each month your workout changes to keep your body learning
  • Choose two to six months to best suit your season's demands


  • Be in shape for tryouts or your first tournament.
  • Conditioning workouts that mimic the demands of ultimate are the most efficient & effective way to be ready!
  • Choose one to three months to fit your season's demands.


  • Balance training and competing!
  • Keep sharp and ready to perform at your best.
  • Training with an appropriate volume will keep you durable all season long.

The Taper

  • Perform best when it counts the most!
  • Taper incorrectly and you could be tired or sluggish; done right you'll feel confident and ready
  • Show the world your peak performance!

Every day you wait is a day you waste.

What's in it?

Come take a tour of The Ultimate Athlete Project! It's easy to use and you'll know exactly what to do when you hit the gym or go to the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a variety of options within the program, allowing you to adjust it to fit your schedule, both across a season and from week-to-week.

In any given week, you need at least 2-3hours, e.g our most minimal schedule is split into 1hr on one day and 1.5hrs on another later in the week. Most folks do about 3-4 days a week with us, which is roughly 4.5hrs/ week.

When you get started you’ll need an extra hour; just to get familiar with the program, and workouts, watch the exercise videos, check through the warmups, etc.

As for the long-term, the least amount of time you’ll need to see results with any lifting program is about 3 months. The majority of folk tend to choose a 12 month schedule and then start again for the next year. How long you stay is up to you - you can cancel at any time - and our longest members are into their 6th cycle with the UAP!

Q: How much of the UAP program needs to be done in a gym vs. at home/outside?

A: There is only so much return you’ll be able to get without weights. Some of our workouts don’t need weights, eg. Speed-Agility-Quickness workouts, Conditioning, and most of the Core exercises. But for the Lower and Upper body workouts, access to some kind of weight/resistance is essential.

We mostly use standard gyms, and have learnt the minimum time you can get away with is 2x 45min sessions a week in a gym (done on separate days). For those of you with home-gyms, the UAP requires…

  • a selection of free weights,
  • a bench,
  • barbell and weights,
  • a stability ball.

and we find it useful to also have access to…

  • a squat rack,
  • a cable column,
  • medicine balls.

Some of our members do use home gyms without a squat rack/cable columns, though whether that will be something you enjoy will depend on how comfortable you feel substituting different exercises.

If you’re already familiar with squats, lunges, pull-ups, bench-press and deadlifts, then you’ll be able to get started quickly. If you are less familiar with those, not to worry, work your way through the preparation phase. With every exercise we provide a demonstration video, showing good form and common mistakes, so it might take you a little longer at first, but soon enough you’ll have those moves mastered.

In our experience local Personal Trainers are almost always happy to help out with learning a particular move. If you want some one-on-one time with a PT who has expertise in the game of Ultimate and the UAP specifically then let us know, we can set you up for some online coaching on form, or help with adapting to injury.

No problem, you can cancel at any time! If you’re not getting results with the program then we don’t want you to pay. There is an unsubscribe button in the website, or you can email customer support at [email protected] and we’ll take care of you.

Q: I am a 31 year old athlete who works hard. I used to be one of "those fast girls" and now I've become a smarter (yet perhaps slower) player. Last winter I hit the gym hard- doing 2-3 leg days a week including deadlifts and squats. I felt great the first month. But by the middle of the season, I realized I lost my power and speed. This is a pretty common occurrence, and I've always attributed it to just me starting the season off strong and in shape and then having everyone else catch up and just be faster. I'm assuming you'll say that this will help with that, but can you tell me both what has been potentially happening (why do I lose steam when it matters the most) and how can I help keep that edge (and why will that help more than what I do)?

Basically, I'm wondering if UAP will be the thing that makes a difference or if this is just what it means to get older.

A: Not even close to old yet! Yes the UAP will make a difference and NO you don't have to accept the decline you're talking about. Yes, we do have to respect the aging process a little bit. but it sounds like maybe (1) you weren't doing as much as you could have in power development work and (2) maybe you were training too much which left you over-extended by the time the season was underway.

The UAP will help with both of those scenarios. We do strength AND power development work. It's totally normal for some strength work to slow you down temporarily. Keep that in mind in phase 3 of the UAP. But importantly we translate strength into power in the following phases. That's where the magic happens in a long term plan.

The UAP also helps you In-season by helping you know how much you need to do to maintain what you've earned without going overboard.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s a few remarks from our members in the over-30 and over-40 age-group...

  • "30 turning 31. Basically, play less pickup, stretch more, recover more, focus a lot more on nutrition and a defined stretching regimen."
  • "37yo here. Fully agree with this - although I'd say "mobility regimen" instead of just stretching."
  • "I just turned 32 and started playing club at 28. I find that the more off season work I do, the better my body withstands the rigors of the season. I also find that taking a week or two off in the middle of the summer from competitive play, my body feels great for the final push into sectionals and regionals."
  • "I'm 47 - I was +9 in fantasy points at GM Nats in 2015, +3 at Nats this year. I only did the workouts, pickup and summer league and my legs felt strong on the 3rd day. The program flat out works."

They acknowledge the need for more mobility work and more attention to the warm-up. But they are still kicking ass and taking names on the field.

Yes! Our UAP Groups include National Teams, Elite Clubs, through local league teams, individual lines, and Groups of friends. It’s simple - get 7 or more of you together, and as well as being able to push each other on in your training you’ll each be saving $80/year - what will you spend yours on?

Read more / sign-up here!

Email them to [email protected]!

Will it Work for Me?

UAP programming has been battle tested by over 1,300 athletes around the world. Whether you're in the elite division or just beginning your ultimate career, The Ultimate Athlete Project can help you make huge improvements in your game. We're all in this together!

How can The Ultimate Athlete Project work for such a wide variety of athletes? Our programming is flexible and easy to use. The truth is, whether you're an elite level player or a beginner, most ultimate players are relatively new to training for athletic performance. Does anyone below sound like you?


Players who go to Nationals

“What I love most about the Ultimate Athlete Project, is that I can tell it was built for an Ultimate player. I can visualize how each exercise will help me in the game—whether it's skater hops working on the lateral movement of a mark or supporting my core and range of motion for my throws. This isn't just a program to help 'burn calories.' It is a program that combines weightlifting, SAQ workouts, and core circuits that, in six days a week, gives me the workout I know I need. I appreciate the work Melissa has done with the Ultimate Athlete Project in finally creating a solid, structured workout plan built specifically for ultimate athletes."
~James Hron, Drag’n Thrust

“UAP is great! It helped me stayed focused and motivated through the year. I have never been that consistent before in my training. All competitive players should follow a program like the UAP!”


"In every way, Melissa's Ultimate Athlete Program is the best workout program I've ever followed for ultimate. As long as I'm playing competitively, I'll be on the UAP year round and I hope my team will too.

Doublewide knew how important friz fitness was to being successful and did the work. DW had a very tough track program that we followed during the season. Many guys also lifted weights on their own during the season and during the off-season. It was quite effective. However, following Melisa's programs have been even better, no doubt about it."

Valley Renshaw, Kansas City Prairie Fire


Making the team!

"UAP was a great way for me to get into weight lifting in a safe and productive way. This program was a big contributing factor for me making Scandal, and I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to level up their game".
Sarah Lord, DC Scandal

“I started the program 2 years ago and it's amazing the difference I feel going into tryouts! Everyone else is winded, whereas I feel strong and quick. It's great being able to continue into the season and see a big difference in how my body reacts to the riggers of tournaments and practices. Whereas in years past I would constantly pull or strain something, these last two years have been injury free thanks to proper strengthening and prepping of the appropriate muscle groups. THANK YOU MELISSA AND UAP!!!!!!”

Struggling with Nagging Injuries

“My offseason training with the UAP has been some of the best work I've ever done. I have made slow gains in many exercises but the best thing that has happened to me has been getting some symmetry back in my body. All of my injuries (torn trapezius, fractured patella, knee and hip pain, weak IT band, chondromalacia in my knee, etc ., etc.) have been on the left side of my body!! So I spent the entire offseason rehabbing my knee and hip and focusing very hard on getting my left arm equal to my right. We're almost there, too.

Thanks for helping me get back on track to where I used to be. You've been an important part in helping me believe in myself again, realizing I'm just getting older and that I have to take my training more seriously. I've spent the past three years wondering if I could be fast, jump high and not be in pain ever again--and the answer is yes. I can do all those things again and I'm going to keep training so I can do them even better.”
Russel Allen


“I used to the UAP for two years. It brought me back from being injured and irrelevant to one of the better players on my club team. I did eventually unsubscribe because of the subscription price, but that was because Melissa provided enough educational materials that made me believe, "Okay, I can take it from here."
Issues she helped me address:

  • Foundational strength
  • Asymmetry in my hips and arm/shoulder strength
  • Hip flexors that used to bother me all the time
  • A patellar fracture I hadn't rehabbed correctly
  • Proper warmups

 It is a great guideline to get you into offseason workouts and in-season management of your gains. I'm sure Melissa sells it just fine on the site, but I wanted to boldly endorse her product. I recommend it 100%.”


"Hi everyone, I'm Suddha in my first year of playing ultimate with my uni team (here in Australia) and fell in love with the sport because of the spirit of the game and the community. I wanted to pursue Ultimate more seriously because everyone else was better than me. Anyways right now we have Melbourne Hat going on (460 people!!) and I'm at my Phase 1 program, and let me just tell you Melissa, you are a super champ. I have seen a JUMP in levels of fitness, hip movement, cutting, its insane. So thank you for putting this program for players like us, it's a great boost for me to do better and keep up with my program and I hope it helps everyone to train hard too!"
Suddha Mukhopadhyay

“I also want to share how empowering it is to lift! I've never done it before, so that's why I think the change is so noticeable, and it makes me feel so strong!“


"I never played any sport before joining my local ultimate league and then our club team, so I was very unfamiliar with any sort of conditioning or prep. I am brand new to strength training and I found the UAP to be very helpful since it has detailed instructions on form for each exercise as well as substitutions if the gym doesn't have a certain type of equipment. It's only been a few months but I've already noticed improvements in my strength and speed on the field."

Sarah, Los Heros, Bloomington IN

Getting Older, Training Smarter

“I'm 47 - I was +9 in fantasy points at GM Nats in 2015, +3 at Nats this year. I only did the workouts, pickup and summer league and my legs felt strong on the 3rd day. The program flat out works."

“I'm 36 years old and I haven't been in as good shape since my early 20s. I'm absolutely loving the program, it's well designed and easy to follow!”

“The UAP has made be fitter and stronger in my 30's than I ever was in my 20's. With no gym knowledge before this it was easy to understand and see how it applies to ultimate and overall strength and conditioning “
Jam, Devon Ultimate

“I'm 45, and I was in the best playing shape of my life after 1 off-season in UAP. Before starting, I literally felt like I'd been in a car wreck after tournaments. After a season of lifting/training specifically for Ultimate, I did not feel like that after tourneys”
Chris Cleaver; Clarksville, TN. Grand Master Flash


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