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When was the last time you leveled up your coaching skills?

Committed coaches breed committed players!

You care about your players and want them to improve. But when was the last time you leveled up your own coaching skills?

Have you ever showed up to practice not totally prepared? Have you ever wished you knew some better ways to explain the horizontal stack or zone? Do you just want some new ideas to spice up your coaching?

The truth is most ultimate coaches don’t spend a ton of time perfecting their coaching skills. Day to day coaching keeps you busy, life gets in the way....

We know coaching keeps you busy. And it’s challenging. Especially if you don’t have a co-coach or community of coaches helping you out.

That’s why we’ve created the Coaching and Game IQ Classroom. No one can be an expert in everything a coach needs to do. So we’ve brought together many of the best coaches in the world to cover a wide variety of topics. With the Coaching and Game IQ Classroom, we’ve made access to the best minds in ultimate convenient and accessible.

We believe that the future of ultimate will be determined by its coaches. We hope you will use the Coaching and Game IQ Classroom to be confident and prepared, no matter what challenges come your way.

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Library Access

Access to every presentation from past conferences (90+ now!), organised into themes to make it easy to find what you need. Get everything you need to know about practice planning, tactics, athletic development, and team culture.

UAP Coaching Certification

Access to all the educational materials you need to complete your UAP Coaching Certification. Be confident you have the basics covered and earn continuing education credits with your national governing body (For UK Ultimate and Ultimate Canada. some restrictions apply)



Learn with other coaches just as passionate as you are.


Mini-courses on
- Mental toughness training,
- How to use Video-Analysis
- The Physics of Disc Flight!

Shape the Future of Ultimate

Pass on your love of the game by being the best coach you can be!

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Don't Settle...

"Starting to watch the videos and realizing there's so much I can improve upon when it comes to ultimate, for myself and for coaching my team. I think sometimes one can settle or be stagnant with growth, and URCA helped inspire/remind me that there's so far to go!"

Just a few weeks...

"I've improved a TON in my understanding of coaching just in the few shorts weeks I've been a member. Really great content."

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Over a thousand coaches world-wide tune in to our conferences. Here we take those conferences and push the learning further, tailoring it to your needs


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