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Do you ever wonder what it is that's separating you from players at the next level?

If you weren't among the lucky few who got to learn in an elite program, you might feel like you've got some catching up to do.

Or maybe you just want to be the best player possible. And you know the most successful athletes in the world all have one thing in common: outstanding coaching.

With the Ultimate Athlete Project Premium program, you will now have direct and intimate access to our expert coaches and elite players. You will consult 1-on-1 with international ultimate champions, strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists, mental strength coaches, and so much more. 


"We talked about being an aggressive handler and what I think limits me from doing that. Took a look at my throwing form, and what is the root cause of most of my turnovers (body position on throws losing form when trying to go fast/aggressive)"


I’ve never jumped this high or lifted this much... doing sometimes so little in comparison! I feel like I know my body so much better and can read it to help peak at the right time - and the word ‘recovery’ has taken on new light!


I went from being unsure of my abilities to knowing that I am a great player that can play for high level teams. I can carry myself confidently on the field even when I make mistakes.”

“I implemented two things: the lateral positioning we talked about and getting rid of the constant fear of getting beaten deep. I found myself much stronger as a defensive player. I was able to shutdown a lot more of the undercuts while getting beaten deep only once in two events.”

I play competitively as well as local games/leagues 3-4x/week. In my first 4 months of the UAP I have gained a lot of confidence in lifting, built a lot of strength, and have never felt better in my 20 years of playing ultimate. If you want to take the guesswork out of what to do in the gym, and are willing to put in the time, I highly recommend the UAP.

"Talking to someone who has "been there, done that" is helpful to confirm some things and talk about others.”


We're keeping this program small so that we can provide every athlete with the attention they need. Open for limited spots at limited times during the year.



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What's Included?

The best online training programs and educational resources. Plus a personalized plan of consultations with the world's best players and coaches!

Strength and Conditioning

Tested by thousands of athletes around the world, this the program we're famous for. Designed from the ground up with ultimate in mind. We're with you all year to improve all areas of athleticism and help you peak at the right time. choose a schedule that works for you and know what to do every day of the week to get the most efficient adaptation from the time you're putting in.

Skills and Technique

Elite players and coaches break down the fundamentals. Drills and activities to enhance all areas of your game from mental toughness to marking. Designed to be done in 1-2 hours per week by yourself or with a partner.

Game IQ

Access to hours of talks by the best coaches around the world. Plus mini courses on how to watch game footage and the physics of disc flight. Dramatically increase your game IQ here!

Personalized Plan and Coaching Support!

We'll start with a chat about your goals, strengths, and weaknesses. You'll get a curriculum of ultimate study tailored to you. Monthly consultation calls with the experts will keep you accountable and take your game to the next level.

Find Out What You're Made Of

Most players will never reach their full potential because they don't take the time to define what they want and make a plan to achieve it. With UAP Premium, not only do we listen and help you define your goals, we provide you with the tools you need AND most importantly the team of people who can help you become the best player you can be.

Who's Coaching?

Core coaches are in are slack group and are frequently used for calls on common topic areas like defensive positioning, mental strength training, and throwing evaluations. We will also bring on other coaches specific to your needs.

Jenny Fey

Handling, decision making and game IQ specialist.

"The online model of coaching that UAP Premium uses feels like the future to me. I love connecting with players all over the country and problem solving with them!"

Alex Davis

Tryout Plans and Defensive Specialist 

"The great thing about UAP is that it's a community of best practice, helping each other get better. It's the difference between succeeding by accident and succeeding by dedication and design. I look for that from my athletes, so it's only fair that I look for that in myself!"

Tiina Booth

Mental Strength and Coach/Captain Consultant

"I am honored to be called on by Melissa to work on her UAP premium project. It’s an easy way to allow me to learn about and support other teams without actually having to travel. The connections I’ve made with past leaders and athletes feels genuine and helpful and the learning goes both ways. Such a unique way to improve all aspects of our sport!”

And More.... Other coaches and mentors include Anna Rogacki, Kyle Henke, Nick Spiva, John Randolph, Brett Matzuka, Jools Murray, Colin McIntyre, Mike Payne, and many, many more.

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