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Unleash your athletic potential. Take your skills and game IQ to the next level with the tools, plan, and support you need.


What is UAP Premium?

This is a one-of-a-kind package that pushes your peak performance to a whole new level by combining the absolute best of what Ulty Results has to offer.

The UAP Premium Package package is made up of the complete Ultimate Athlete Project and Ultimate Skills Project packages and one big bonus.

You will now have direct and intimate access to our expert coaches and elite players. You will consult 1-on-1 with international ultimate champions, strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists, mental strength coaches, and so much more. The most successful athletes in the world all have one thing in common: supremely outstanding coaching.

You’ll have access to the full Ulty Results’ online library of resources. We will create a custom plan of workouts, drills, and coaching consultations specific your needs so that you can continue pushing your game to the next level. What will now separate you from the rest is the opportunity to create relationships with the best of the best. You will get to meet and chat with your own personal crew of coaches. You’ll get your very own team of legends backing you up.

This package requires a high level of commitment from you, our coaches, and the Ulty Results team. For that reason, we are going to limit the availability to TWENTY spots. These packages will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. If you’re looking to be in your absolute prime for the season next year, join our team of legends today.

I’m about 35 years old and in the end of the last season people were asking me where I got my speed from. UAP!

I’ve never jumped this high or lifted this much... doing sometimes so little in comparison! I feel like I know my body so much better and can read it to help peak at the right time - and the word ‘recovery’ has taken on new light!

Committed to UAP this year and can't be happier with the results, I gained 15lbs of muscle this off-season! After the entire off-season on the program, my body looks and feels much stronger. 

I play competitively as well as local games/leagues 3-4x/week. In my first 4 months of the UAP I have gained a lot of confidence in lifting, built a lot of strength, and have never felt better in my 20 years of playing ultimate. If you want to take the guesswork out of what to do in the gym, and are willing to put in about the time, I highly recommend the UAP.

Frickin awesome program! A major contributing factor to the reason I won a national title is because of the UAP

I went in knowing little to nothing about lifting and workouts that could help specifically with Ultimate. Two years later, I'm writing our team workouts. UAP provides videos for form AND explanations as to *why* you're doing what you're doing really help to understand how to become a better Ultimate athlete. My recovery time went up, injuries down and I had a noticeable difference in speed and agility my first season after starting UAP


We're keeping this program small so that we can provide every athlete with the attention they need. 

20 Spots Available

Only 12 places remaining!


What's Included?

The best online training programs and educational resources. Plus a personalized plan of consultations with the world's best players and coaches!

The Ultimate Athlete Project

Tested by thousands of athletes around the world, this the program we're famous for. Designed from the ground up with ultimate in mind. We're with you all year to improve all areas of athleticism and help you peak at the right time. choose a schedule that works for you and know what to do every day of the week to get the most efficient adaptation from the time you're putting in.

The Ultimate Skills Project

Elite players and coaches break down the fundamentals. Drills and activities to enhance all areas of your game from mental toughness to marking. Designed to be done in 1-2 hours per week by yourself or with a partner.

URCA Library

Access to hours of talks by the best coaches around the world. Plus mini courses on how to watch game footage and the physics of disc flight. Dramatically increase your game IQ here!

Personalized Plan and Coaching Support!

We'll start with a chat about your goals, strengths, and weaknesses. You'll get a curriculum of ultimate study tailored to you. Monthly consultation calls with the experts will keep you accountable and take your game to the next level.

Go Premium TODAY!

You'll get instant access to all of our online programs and resources. AND we'll send you a link to schedule your first consultation call!


I look forward to the URCA seminars every year. I take the time to listen to the experts and improve my game as a player. I have learned practical tips I can start working on now and strategies to watch for in games and tournaments. Bringing ultimate players and coaches from around the world to share their experience and knowledge is so valuable. Thank you very much for this conference


Being a part of URCA only revealed how much more I can improve as an ultimate coach and player. If you're feeling stagnant, or not too sure what to focus on, definitely join URCA 2019 because one of the talks will stick with you! I watched a couple videos and immediately wanted incorporate their lessons into my practices. I also loved the talks that focused on mental strength training. This wasn't a concept I knew about before, but I think the benefits can be exponential! I'm excited to use the techniques in my personal practice and with my team!


I've seen definitive improvements in my games thanks to all the USP modules. Especially in backhand hucks and handler offense. 


Getting in depth knowledge on the fundamentals of Ultimate, something I was unable to learn prior to this. (The USP)

Find Out What You're Made Of

Most players will never reach their full potential because they don't take the time to define what they want and make a plan to achieve it. With UAP Premium, not only do we listen and help you define your goals, we also provide you with the tools you need AND most importantly the team of people who can help you become the best player you can be.

Not Ready for Premium?

Not to worry. UAP Plus has everything you need to excel and push yourself to the max. Build your own training and skills development plan with the UAP and USP combo for just $24/month. Start with a 2 week free trial. Cancel any time.


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