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Break Through your Playing Plateau

Go beyond basic instruction. Discover the details that separate elite players from the rest.

Are you tired of being stuck at the same skill level? Do you crave the days when you were learning quickly and improving rapidly?

Let's take your game to a new level by doing what the elite players do! In Skills and Technique we'll give you access to the drills elite players use to perfect their fundamentals. Plus you’ll get access to the details and nuances of how experienced players think about the game.  If you’ve ever wondered what your potential would be with elite level coaching, now is the time to find out!

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Option 2: Not sure what you need? Follow our recommended schedule of study based on what we’ve learned working on-one-one with athletes making the transition to more competitive levels of play.

Skills and Techniques modules
Weekly Sessions

Making Progress

Each module is designed to be able to be done in about a month with 1-2 hours of dedicated effort per week. Activities can be done by yourself or with a partner so there are no excuses for not making progress on your game!

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Skills We Cover

  • Bigger Pulls and Bakchand Hucks
  • Fixing Your Throwing Mechanics
  • Handler Cutting and Handler Defense
  • Decision Making
  • Using Film Study to Make you a Smarter Player
  • Marking
  • Defensive Positioning
  • Creating a Mental Toughness Routine
  • Breaking the Mark

And more!  As part of the community you'll have a say in what we cover next!

Meet a Few of our Coaches

Almost all of our coaches have experience with US, Canadian, Great Britain, or Australian national teams. here are just a few...

Lauren Boyle – current assistant coach of US U24 Mixed National Team

Ben Wiggins – RiseUp Coach, Sockeye Veteran, Coach of 2004 US Boys gold medal winner and Seattle YCC Boys National Championship in 2005.

Alex Davis – current Canada U24 head coach

Anna Rogacki – Head coach of Australia U23 Womens 2010 gold medal team and Open National team

Carolyn Matthews – assistant coach U23 women 2015

Sion “Brummie” Scone – coached GB Men at Worlds, GB at World Games, and U24 Mens

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