Finding Your Digital Mentor with Lauren Boyle

lauren boyle skills Jun 27, 2017

The growth of video in ultimate has given way to a surplus of footage that shows us elite players in action. Few things are more fun than looking at highlight reels.

Better still, what we have on camera can take us beyond entertainment. How can we use ultimate footage not just for entertainment, but also to make us better ultimate players? Highlight reel plays are only happening a small percentage of the time. What are those great athletes doing to be in those positions to make such spectacular plays and what are they doing to be throughout the game? 

 As a coach, my job is to find ways for my athletes to capitalize on their unique strengths to shine on the field. You can be short and speedy, tall and explosive, average human size and aggressive, etc. and find ways to be successful on the field. As a person developing their skills, this is an exciting time with all the footage available to see people your size and shape crushing it.

 Last weekend, I was at...

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