My Favorite Move: Side Plank Cable Row


The Side Plank Cable Row is an awesome exercise on so many levels! It trains anti-rotation by providing a force that one has to constantly resist (the forward pull of the cable). This teaches the core to stabilize dynamically while the upper body is moving - incredibly important for the...

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An In-Season Weekly Schedule

Ultimate schedules are tough. Whether you’re building towards a championship as part of a dedicated squad or just cruising the summer fun tournament circuit, the demands placed on our bodies can’t be taken lightly.

If we want to manage our busy calendars and still perform at our best,...

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Be Physically Fresh and Mentally Primed with this Pre-Tournament Workout

Why Should I Workout the Day Before a Tournament?!

Taking the day off from training before a weekend practice or tournament is common practice among ultimate players. But the truth is, it’s common for NFL players and other professional athletes to train the day before game day and so should...

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How to Improve Game Time Decision Making


You’ve been practicing your throws for months, running shuttles, lifting weights.  You’re in great shape and can execute on the field. Yet when it comes to the big game, you find yourself making bad decisions.  No-one wants to be a liability with the disc, and we all admire...

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Cutting: The Basics and Beyond


The score is 16-16 in the final of the championship game. You’re trying to ignore the gnawing nervousness and the hum of the crowd as you see the opposing team’s pull go up. Automated movements carry your legs forward as your teammate stops the roll and the opposition charges towards...

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My Favorite Move: One-Arm Carry


The One-Arm Carry is an awesome exercise to improve your ultimate performance! It improves your reactive core strength, which increases your ability to change directions quickly, decreases knee/low back stress and corrects core imbalances that can lead to underperformance and injury. A few cues...

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Throwing Progressions for Game Situations


Overview, Intro and Context

Reading patterns, making it instinct

Being a great thrower is mainly about 2 things, decision making and technical ability. One comes before the other, and that's where we're starting. We're going to create a mental framework for recognizing patterns, for how and when...

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Stories and Tips from Coaches Around the World

coaching urca Feb 27, 2018

In preparation for this year's URCA Conference, we asked some of our presenters two questions:

1. What was your happiest coaching moment, or what makes coaching worth your time and effort?

2. What's a quick tip for new coaches, or the most important thing to keep in mind while coaching?


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My Favorite Move: The Push Press


The Push Press is one of our favorite movements to use in training ultimate players! When done correctly, it helps athletes develop core stability and full-body coordination in an overhead position. That competency is key for maintaining good position in the air when going up for a disc...

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28 Days of Food, Frisbee, and Feminism

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2018

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28 Days of Food, Frisbee, and Feminism is an initiative started in 2017 by Tiina Booth, Zara Cadoux, Chip Chang, and Tulsa Douglas. They saw that the ultimate community was ripe and open for conversations about gender equity, racial diversity, and feminism and...

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