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Joy and Youth

Mapping Spirit of the Game across cultures: What does Joy of the Game mean?

Positivity can be an integral piece to coaching, captaining, and leading. This talk shares evidence-based research and years of personal experience on how to help develop and/or continue a successful group environment based on trust and encouragement.

Chrissy Lind-Hunter

Chrissy Lind-Hunter is the current Spirit Captain of Black Widows (US Open Spirit Winners 2018), a national team coach for Malaysia (Asst Coach U24 Worlds in Perth 2018), a prior Worlds player with Team GB (Womens Masters & Mixed 2015-2018) and a recently initiated member of the WFDF SOTG Committee. She has spoken to the Global Spirit Circle panel hosted by the Asia-Oceanic All-Stars at WUCC 2018, and the Gender & Diversity panel at the US Open with particular focus on culture mapping, what joy of the game looks like in different countries, and sharing about the impacts of youth and student empowerment. In her non-frisbee time, she is an Education Consultant, co-founder and mentor of a youth environmental change-makers programme 'GreenSmiths' and sings at friend's weddings to avoid having to buy from the giftlist.

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Next up: Ella Hansen

Reaching the Youth: Coaching Middle School

Ella Hansen

Ella Hansen has played ultimate for over ten years, and been coaching for six. She has worked with youth of all ages, mostly with middle schoolers, including Seattle Youth Ultimate Camp, Team Ultimate Camp (Seattle) and Eugene Middle School Ultimate Camp (Eugene, OR). She is in her 5th year studying Interactive Design at the University of Oregon and playing for Oregon Fugue.

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Next up: Cate Roscoe

Throwing Skills

Throwing the Forehand

This talk is based on my forehand coaching technique for beginning players. It establishes a lesson plan with drills, theory, and instructional footage, breaking down each component and giving cueing and adjustments (which can be helpful for all levels of forehand development).

Cate Roscoe

Cate first learned to play in 1990, and this year is her 23rd season playing on a nationally ranked team. She has helped Team USA and iRot win world championships in the women's masters divisions in 2012 and 2018. She has established and coached in the youth ultimate program in Tacoma.

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Next up: Melissa Witmer

Flexible Throwing Activities for Players of All Skill Levels

Melissa Witmer

Melissa is the founder of Ulty Results and the creator of The Ultimate Athlete Project. She is on a quest to play ultimate or do a clinic in every WFDF member country by the end of 2025.

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Next up: Claire Chastain

Offensive Structures

Beyond Stacking: Hexagon Offence

After seeing this presentation you will understand the key elements of Hexagon Offence - movement, shape, and balance - and how to train these elements with your team. You will learn how hex is an entirely fresh approach to offence in ultimate, and why you would want your players to learn it. You will also gain an understanding of the underlying values of stack offences, and reasons why they are currently widespread.

Felix Shardlow

Felix has 18 years of playing experience and almost as many coaching. He has played and coached at every level of the game, from university to international, and is the creator of innovative offensive and defensive strategies Mex and Flex. You can read more from him at felixultimate.com.

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Next up: Bryan Jones

Attacking as a Handler: How to Do It, How to Stop It, and How to Counter

Up-line cuts, give-go moves, handler switches, and countering them all. When the disc moves to the force sideline the up-line space is the space defenders prioritize denying. Learn different methods for attacking that space effectively and turning denied space into available space. Great defenses adapt, so we'll also focus on how to adapt defensively for handlers who attack often, specifically with handler switches. To top it all off, we'll also cover methods for countering defensive switches. Leave with a better understanding of how to attack as an offensive handler, how to counter give-go moves on defense with switches, and how to counter switches on offense with intelligent movement.

Jonathan Nethercutt

Jonathan began his competitive ultimate career in 2010 when he joined Darkside, the men's ultimate team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He would go on to captain the UNC team for two years, with his time there eventually culminating in a national title in 2015 along with the Callahan trophy. He has continued his playing career post-college competing with Ring of Fire in the USA Ultimate club series, the Raleigh Flyers in the AUDL, and two U.S. national teams. In addition to playing, Jonathan has coached for almost the exact same amount of time. He has experience coaching teams from middle school all the way through college. He has coached North Carolina's Triangle area YCC team to six national semifinal appearances and three titles. Additionally, as a coach he has helped lead UNC to their fifth straight national semifinal appearance and second national title in 2018. 

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Next up: Mike Payne

Defensive Tactics

How to Game Plan and Counter Offenses

Bryan Jones

Bryan Jones is the co-coach of New York PoNY and head coach of UConn Grind. Among Bryan's achievements are winning a club championship with PoNY, being selected to coach USA Men's WCBU team in 2017, and commentating various world championships.

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Next up: John McNaughton

Starting a D Point: The First 15 Seconds

John McNaughton

John started playing Ultimate in 2000. He played for Australian U-19 and U-23 teams, competed at WUCC 2006 and 2010, and played Nationals in Colombia (Kie 2010) and the USA (Whagonweel 2010, Ring of Fire 2012). He has captained Firestorm, from Brisbane, Queensland, since 2007, and has player-coached for that team and many others. On the field, he tends to play as an aggressive handler or initiating cutter, and never looks off a break scoober. 

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Next Up: Keith Raynor


Communicating with Captains

Keith Raynor

Keith has been playing ultimate for over 17 years, in addition to coaching for 9 years at the college, club, and Professional level. Beginning his career at Paideia, Keith played at American University and club in DC and Atlanta. He currently coaches UConn Rise women's ultimate, and is also a Senior Editor and the Women's Coverage Coordinator at Ultiworld.com.

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Next Up: Kristin Franke

Creating a culture and Systems for Feedback

Kristin Franke

Kristin Franke has been playing ultimate since finding a pickup game at Valparaiso University in 2004, and helping captain their first team “Something of Fury." At their first tournament, the opposing team had to teach them rules, since no one on the team had formal experience. She played for Hong Kong Junk from 2007-2012, including playing at WUCC 2010 and WUGC 2012. She played for DC Scandal from 2013-2018, including captaining for 2 years. While attending seminary, she coached Princeton University women's team from 2013-2016.

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Next up: Jonathan Nethercutt

Weekend Topics

Side Stack: Isolating Throwers and Receivers in Space

This presentation will discuss the what, when, why and how of running a side stack offense, be it for pull plays or as a primary offensive system.

Claire Chastain

Claire began playing ultimate her freshman year at the University of North Carolina Wilmington where she went on to win the Callahan Award in 2013. She began playing club ultimate in 2011 with Raleigh Phoenix and continues playing and captaining Molly Brown in Denver, Colorado. After moving to Colorado in the Fall of 2013, she started coaching Fairview High School and went on to coach the CU Boulder women's team. Since 2014, the women's team has made two semi-finals appearances and one finals appearance at College Nationals. Claire will be presenting on Side Stack Offense, which both Molly Brown and Kali use as a part of their offensive systems. 

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Next up: Felix Shardlow

From the VAULT: Focus on Individual Player Improvement to Build Championship Teams

From the 2015 URCA Conference: Even the best players in the world can improve on the fundamentals and become better, but as coaches, we often focus too much on team strategy and team leadership (what will we say to the whole team?). This presentation will reveal that build deep teams that turn into dynasties, coaches must learn ways to free up time to focus on individual player improvement and also master the art of individual feedback.

Mike Payne

Mike has been organizing, playing, and coaching Ultimate for 25 years. He was on the Board of USA Ultimate for 12 years, and served as Board President for 7 years. He was part of the start-up of Ultimate Peace between 2005 and 2009. He was a player and Captain for Stanford University, Jam, and Revolver, winning Club Nationals and WUCC in 2010. As a Coach, Mike helped Stanford win the 2002 National Championship, and served as Revolver's Coach from 2013-2018, winning three National titles (2013, 2015, and 2017) and two World titles (2014, and 2018). In 2018 Mike traveled to Singapore to lead a week-long camp to that country's top men's and women's teams, seeking to up-level their place in International Ultimate.

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Next up: Ren Caldwell

Athletic Development

Bodyweight Training: No Gym, No Problem!

This session will focus on strength-building and injury-reduction exercises you can do with your team (and assign as pod homework) that use no equipment! Ren will talk through the sport-specificity and cuing for all the movement patterns so you can coach with confidence.

Ren Caldwell

Ren opened the world's first strength and conditioning facility dedicated to the sport of ultimate! She has been working with high-level ultimate athletes and teams closely for several years, mostly in the Seattle area, including the Rainmakers, Sockeye, Riot, and several others.  She focuses on outlining and coaching paths to more powerful pain-free frisbee movement, and has become sought out for her athletic movement evaluations.  She is proud to be focus her efforts on developing youth athletes and helping people come back from injuries. Ren is also currently obsessed with Krav Maga!

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Next up: Jools Murray

Six Years to Make an Athlete: UAP Level 2 Testing Update

Jools Murray

Jools has been playing, captaining and setting up teams since 2002; she recently competed with the TC Women’s Masters at World Championships 2016 where they won the silver medal. She has been coaching National teams since 2009; the most recent was as head coach for the Great Britain U23 Open team 2014-2015. She holds a masters in Strength and Conditioning (S&C) and is currently working with the Varsity Blues programme at the University of Toronto as the Lead S&C coach for the soccer (both men and women), rowing, and women’s rugby teams.


Twitter: @jools_coach
Instagram: @joolscoach
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joolscoach/

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