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Take control of your own ultimate development with instruction and feedback from the best ultimate coaches in the world. Focused action you can do in 1-2 hours per week and a community to keep you accountable.


What makes us different

Go beyond basic instruction. Discover the details that separate elite players from the rest. Learn by doing.

Our UAP Skills & Technique gives you online instruction from elite coaches.  Almost all of our coaches have experience with US, Canadian, Great Britain, or Australian national teams. These coaches have a deep knowledge of the sport and its athletes. They understand the minor details that separate the intermediate players from the elite players. Most importantly, they have experience in explaining these details to others. We have the best and most creative ultimate minds figuring out how to make activities for one or two people that will have an impact in one to two hours per week. It’s a big challenge, but If anyone can figure this out, it’s our expert coaching crew.

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Topics we'll cover

  • Finding your Digital Mentor
  • Fixing Your Throwing Mechanics
  • Handler Cutting and Handler Defense
  • Strategy
  • Marking
  • Defensive Positioning
  • Creating a Mental Toughness Routine
  • Breaking the Mark

And more!  As part of the community you'll have a say in what we cover next!

Meet our Coaches

Almost all of our coaches have experience with US, Canadian, Great Britain, or Australian national teams. here are just a few...

Lauren Boyle – current assistant coach of US U24 Mixed National Team

Ben Wiggins – RiseUp Coach, Sockeye Veteran, Coach of 2004 US Boys gold medal winner and Seattle YCC Boys National Championship in 2005.

Alex Davis – current Canada U24 head coach

Anna Rogacki – Head coach of Australia U23 Womens 2010 gold medal team and Open National team

Carolyn Matthews – assistant coach U23 women 2015

Sion “Brummie” Scone – coached GB Men at Worlds, GB at World Games, and U24 Mens

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