Nutrition with Sofia

A four part course covering everything you need to know about nutrition for athletes.

How do I handle carbohydrates? How much protein do I need? What does the research say about supplements? Learn all this and more AND get concrete, easy experiments with your diet you can do on your own!

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Everyone knows that what we eat and drink are the building blocks for your biological self and that the food/drink quality defines the health of your organs, muscles, cells, proteins, etc.  So why is dietary and nutritional theory so complex? The answer to this lies in bio-individuality, we are complex beings and there are no two alike. Just like in training for any sport, knowing the fundamentals of nutrition is as essential as knowing your own biological needs, responses and limits for different foods.

This four module online course will comprehensively cover four important topics in nutrition (quality foods, healthy fats, food for athletic performance and the microbiome) from a scientific perspective. In each module, what you learn will empower you to explore and evolve your relationship with food through your own personal food projects. Sofia will be available for any questions of support by e-mail or through the Facebook group and looks forward to meeting you soon!

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