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Monday: Program Culture

Principles of the Godiva Dynasty: How To Control What You Can Control

One will be able to understand how much a team and a player is actually able to control on the ultimate field. You should listen because by adopting some of these principles, you can create more successful outcomes and actually increase the chances that "luck" falls your way.

Dominique Fontenette

I'm proud of having represented the US in two IOC World Games and having been inducted into the Ultimate Hall of Fame. Fun fact about myself is that I only recently started playing ultimate in cleats. Before that, I wore turf shoes in all conditions and jokingly called them "my shred slippers."

PC: Tino Tran Photography

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Next up: Bekah Coenen

Building and Maintaining a D-III Program

Get ideas for overcoming the challenges of coaching or leading a D-III team and maintaining momentum from year to year.

Bekah Coenen

Bekah played in three College Championships while at the University of Iowa (2011-2013) and now coaches the Drake University Women's team in Des Moines. She writes fiction and has completed two years of National Novel Writing Month.

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Next Up: Ren Caldwell & Bert Abbott

Tuesday: Athletic Development

How to Make Ultimate Training Accessible

In this talk, Ren and Bert discuss accessibility considerations in ultimate training. They deep-dive into several areas:
* What makes a space "safe?"
* How to use descriptive language to increase accessibility
* Ideas around types programming and expertise
* Resources needed in training

Ren Caldwell and Bert Abbott (Strive & Uplift)

Ren Caldwell, NSCA CSCS, FMS is the owner and head coach at Strive & Uplift. A a gym owner and coach in Seattle, she's passionate about helping athletes reach their full potential through supportive resources provided online and in-person.

Bert Abbott, NSCA CSCS, NSPA CSAC, USAW SPC, is a strength and conditioning coach with Strive & Uplift out of Boulder, CO. As a coach, she’s particularly invested in making ultimate training accessible to teams and individuals of all levels and backgrounds!

Check out Strive & Uplift!

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Next up: Melissa Witmer

10 Minute Conditioning Modules You Can Use at Practice

What we will cover:
* Why you may or may not want to use fitness modules at practice
* A general format for conditioning modules
* Three examples of 10 minute modules
* Practice considerations (set up and working with various numbers)
* How to progress your modules

Melissa Witmer

Melissa is the founder of Ulty Results and the creator of The Ultimate Athlete Project. She is on a quest to play ultimate or do a clinic in every WFDF member country by the end of 2025.

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Next up: Frank Nam

Wednesday: Equity

Go Together - Designing Your Season with an Equity Framework

After this presentation, you will become acquainted with a framework that can help you in create more equity in your season/team. Most teams don't design for equity but it's doable and creates a better team for all. This framework will be useful insofar as much your analysis takes into a wide range of viewpoints and feedback.

Frank Nam

I picked up ultimate in the late 80's and started coaching in 2005. Some highlights of my career have been helping found Southend Ultimate Program, coaching Franklin HS Boys to 4 consecutive WA State championships, 2 trips to Club Nationals with Seattle Underground, and coaching South Korea's National Team in 2015 and again for WUGC 2020.

I recommend you check out "The Uneven Playing Field with Howard Bryant."

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Next up: Mariem Mebsout


Mariem Mebsout 


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Next up: Victor Pignotti Maielo

Thursday: Teaching Skills

Teaching Ultimate to Kids and Teenagers

You will learn the basics of motor and cognitive development for children, some of the current methodologies used in sports pedagogy, and then how to apply it all to your own reality. You should be able to get some ideas from the stories I share from my own experience in classes, teaching ultimate to both kids who have no idea what it is and who are already in love with the sport.

Victor Pignotti Maielo

I have been teaching elementary and middle school PE for over eight years. I've coached high school teams and club teams for about five years. I co-wrote a soon to be published handout for PE teachers looking to teach ultimate at their schools.

Check out Podcatch BR, a podcast I record with a friend of mine to share ultimate knowledge in Portuguese. 

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Next up: Max Halden

Friday: Soft Skills

Let's Win Spirit: Practical Tips to Make Spirit Work for Your Team

Training hard, winning, and good spirit are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they are mutually reinforcing. This talk and discussion will give you practical ways to embed spirit coaching into your season and empower your team, at any level, to get great results on the scoreboard and on the spirit sheet.

Max Halden

Hey I'm Max. I'm currently the assistant coach of the Australian Mixed team (nicknamed the Barramundis) heading to Worlds in The Netherlands this year. I've previously coached the U24 Mixed team (nicknamed the Bluebottles), including as an assistant in 2015 when we won a Silver medal. My mixed club, Friskee ,(our name is silly enough to not need a nickname) is 3x Australian National Champs and I once threw a frisbee on Bondi Beach with Disclosure in 40km/h winds.

I'm also the editor of InsideOut Ultimate!

PC: Pat Thorpe Ultimate Photography

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Next up: Guylaine Girard

3 Coaching Steps to Mentally Train Your Players to Perform at Their Peak on a Universe Point

After this presentation, you will know how to prepare your team to deal with stress and pressure in your biggest games of the season. You will also find out how to refocus your players when things don’t go as expected and quickly bring your team back in the game.

Guylaine Girard

My name is Guylaine, and I believe that sport is an extraordinary tool for developing human potential. I hold a bachelor’s degree in high-level coaching, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certification, as well as a Level 4 (international level) NCCP certification. I have coached athletes for 25 years and I was the head coach of the AUDL’s Montreal Royal in 2016. In 2012, I founded the Montreal Women’s Competitive Ultimate Program, which helped teams communicate, learn from each other, and empowered many women to become better leaders, captains, and coaches. In 2013, I joined Vintage’s leadership team and, by teaching mental training, I helped my teammates win the gold medal at the 2014 World Championships in Italy. As a mental coach, in 2019, I worked with Team Canada’s U24 Women, Iris, and the Montreal Royal.

Check out my free ebook!

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Next up: Lauren Boyle

Weekend: Framework

Building a Structured and Creative System: How to Strike the Balance

How you can coach athletes to work in a system while being independently creative. Learn how to build a framework for both those to exist within your offensive and defensive systems.

Lauren Boyle

I am most proud of the teams I have been a part of: a Famradry, Mandy's dinner crowd, the say-it-back get-buckets crew, the original barrel dancers, and a Coyote. The happiest moments are the continued connection with these athletes and knowing we have had an impact on each other. Fun facts is I love fun facts. Come say hi to me to learn one or share one with me. 

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Next up: Vault Presentation

VAULT Presentation: TBA

Presentation from a past Coaching Conference



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Next up: Patrick Sherlock

Monday: Team Strategy

Shared Success & Zone Defense

Stop standing on the wing or running in the cup every point - giving teammates more diverse and dynamic roles, in mixed especially, leads to more successful team defense.

Patrick Sherlock

I've coached Philadelphia AMP in the club mixed division for six years, the University of Pennsylvania's Venus women's team in the college division across five seasons, and I'm a specialist in creating superstitions concerning how the clothing I wear affects tournament outcomes.

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Next up: Corné Badenhorst

David vs Goliath

This presentation details how to amplify your team’s strengths while containing the opponent’s.

Corné Badenhorst

As a coach, I've worked with six South African national teams (WUGC/WU24) and one WUCC team (UCT). Two time men's division South African champion. Two time CTFDA male player of the year.

I'm playing on the South African Mixed National Team heading to WUGC in July, check them out here!

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Next up: Join the Classroom!

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