Defensive Positioning For Shutdown Defense

alex davis urca reviews Jul 11, 2017

This post is a review of Alex Davis' 2015 URCA presentation: Defensive Positioning for Shut-Down Defense. Alex is a longtime member of historic men's club Vancouver Furious George and a coach for Team Canada. 

You can see the full presentation by becoming a member of our URCA Classroom. 

"If you don't know who I am, that's in large part because I think I'm pretty good at shut-down defense. It's one of the most touted forms of defense, but not one easily learned through highlight reels." 

That's how Alex begins his engaging talk on one of the most talked-about skills in ultimate that is the hardest to teach, learn, and appreciate. Do you know how to do it? Are you an ace defender already? Can you teach others? 

In this talk, Alex uses his careful, well-segmented approach to break down what's made him worthy of the title of D-line captain for one of ultimate's storied clubs. He even explains why rectangles are his favorite shape for drawing out on-field...

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