How to Get Open, Even If You're Not Fast

cutting running ultimate Apr 18, 2017

When cutting, some athletes run as hard as possible one direction, then stop and run as fast as possible in the opposite direction. While this can work, it is a brute force method that works well when you’re faster and can change direction more quickly than your opponent. The programs I create have the goal of helping you become faster and change directions more quickly. But we also believe in working smarter, not harder.

Maybe you’re working on your athleticism but aren’t there yet. Or maybe you are athletic. Doesn’t matter, you’ll eventually run into someone who is faster than you. For these situations, try these four strategies for creating and seeing the opportunities to get open.

1. Make the defender accelerate.

To accelerate is to commit.  If your defense is just matching your speed, they are never committed or off balance.

For example, if I want an in cut, I will start going deep at maybe 70% speed. The defense can follow without...

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