Why we support the Eurostars Tour?

editorial melissa witmer Jul 27, 2017

(photo credit: Paul Rutherford of UltiPhotos)

When I was young I wanted to be a scientist. That’s what I said when people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. And when I pictured what I would look like when I grew up, it always came up in my mind’s eye as a white haired dude in front of a blackboard.

I no longer want to be a scientist and I’m more than thrilled with my current career choice. But along the way I learned that it’s difficult to be what you can’t see.

We support the Eurostars tour because we support increased visibility of women in Ultimate. Visibility is important because we want role models available that girls can more easily identify with.

I’ve been asked if there aren’t better places to put our resources, like clinics to improve skills. Clinics for boys and girls run by both men and women are important. There is absolutely a place for those activities. There is also a place for supporting equity in visibility....

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