4 Fundamental Principles of Zone Offense

coaching Sep 18, 2018

Every team has faced a tough zone defense that they just can’t seem to crack. In the most popular URCA video of all time, Ben Wiggins systematically deconstructs every strategy for both zone offense and defense. After watching the presentation, you will be equipped with the knowledge to...

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How to Plan an Effective Practice

coaching urca Aug 21, 2018

Running an efficient ultimate practice session is something that all coaches want to accomplish. It is important to keep players focused, keep them engaged, and keep them learning. But how do you do this? In the URCA Classroom, Keith Raynor gives some tips and tricks to help you run a practice...

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Help Your Players Learn More—By Teaching Less

coaching urca Jul 17, 2018

As a coach, there are always countless improvements that you want to see in your team. However, in ultimate, we are often burdened with limited hours training together as a full squad. It is therefore extremely important to get the most out of our practices.

At the 2018 URCA Conference, Jools...

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Stories and Tips from Coaches Around the World

coaching urca Feb 27, 2018

In preparation for this year's URCA Conference, we asked some of our presenters two questions:

1. What was your happiest coaching moment, or what makes coaching worth your time and effort?

2. What's a quick tip for new coaches, or the most important thing to keep in mind while coaching?


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Film Analysis - Doing It the Right Way

coaching urca Jan 16, 2018

Keith Raynor has become a staple at our URCA conferences and it’s always such a pleasure to take part in his presentations. We at Ulty Results are always trying to make the most of our off-season and Keith’s presentation on Film Analysis is a very effective way to wait out the winter...

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4 Simple Ways to Create an Athletic Team Culture

coaching urca Dec 19, 2017

Wondering what else you can do to become the best athlete on the field? After many requests our favourite trainer and coach, Ren Caldwell, has finally released her courses and lessons as a new virtual gym—RenFitness Virtual. If you want to be the best player you can be, sign up now (UAP...

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What You Say and How You Say It: How Language Affects Team Motivation and Performance

coaching urca Nov 21, 2017

Photo by Alex Fraser for Ultiphotos

This post is based on a talk given by coach Ben Banyas called "Positive Coaching: How Action and Language Affect a Team", part of the URCA Library collection of coaching videos.

Think back to the last game or practice you coached. Got it? Okay, try and...

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What's Your Coaching Philosophy?

 Do you have a coaching philosophy? You probably do, even if you’ve never actually sat and thought about what it is. But doing just that - developing and understanding your own coaching philosophy - is one of the most worthwhile exercises you can undertake as a coach.

Your coaching...

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Having The Talk: Discussing Gender Equity With Your Team


This is Zara Cadoux's 2017 URCA presentation, Having The Talk: Discussing Gender Equity With Your Team. Zara is a co-founded of USA Ultimate Girls Ultimate Movement (GUM); a driving force behind both 99 Days Of Ultimate Women (happening now!) and 28 Days Of Food, Frisbee, and...

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Interview with Colombia Mixed National Team and Revolution Coach, Mauricio Moore

Huge thank you to Andrés Angel for the interview and to Elí Santiago for the translation and English subtitles.

 Note: Click on the CC button in the corner of the video to activate the subtitles.

This interview was conducted between the World Games and the US Open. 

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