Attacking Lateral Space

coaching Jun 13, 2017

This post is a review of Alex Snyder's 2014 URCA presentation, Dumps, Swings, Breaks: Attacking Lateral Space & Using the Field's Width.

You can see the full presentation by becoming a member of our URCA Classroom


We all know the feeling of being trapped on the downwind sideline. Who hasn’t experienced the frustration of watching your teammates turn it on the endzone line by trying to squeeze it into the corner instead of swinging the disc?

How can you cut better to help your teammates get the disc off the sideline?

What does attacking space laterally look like in a horizontal stack?

In this presentation, Alex Snyder shows us how to do all of the above. Learn some tricks and tips useful for handlers and cutters alike. Alex also diagrams drills you can run to help your team with more effective disc movement.


Basic reset cut that attacks lateral space.


How to attack lateral space in a horizontal stack. Plus a handler weave drill to you can do...

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Team Stats - From Simple Data Capture to Meaningful Metrics

coaching May 30, 2017

Taking stats can during a tournament is a royal pain. Unless you have an injured player and several pairs of eyes, it’s difficult to keep track of every assist and capture the true source of every turnover. Whose fault is it when there’s clogging in the lane, no open cuts, and the disc gets thrown away on a high stall count to a reset pass? Truthfully, many teams I’ve been a part of have enough trouble keeping track of the score, let alone complex stats.

But what if you could record just four pieces of information that would help you improve as a team?

Well, turns out you can get a lot of useful information without much effort.


In our URCA Classroom, Sion "Brummie" Scone walks us through his method for collecting simple, yet powerful stats that you can collect during games. These stats are so simple that you can actually use them to give feedback to your team between games at a tournament. Process these metrics after your tournament so you can track progress...

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One Step to Better Throwing Practice

coaching throwing Apr 18, 2017

Years ago when I visited the University of Illinois, I was fortunate enough to have a chat with a former professor of mine and long time motor skills researcher, Les Carleton. We discussed the fact that despite advances in motor skills research, much of coaching in the US is done using the same methods of instruction as those used in the 1930’s.

I asked my professor friend, “What concepts in motor skills research, if better understood by coaches, would have the greatest impact on performance?” The two themes emerged from our discussion were the role of deliberate practice, and the importance of variability in practice.

Variability in practice simply means that every practice trial is in some way different. Many teams I have observed begin their practices with an orderly throwing routine in which partners throw ten backhands, ten forehands, ten hammers, etc. This is an example of one of those things that coaches pass down to one another even though this might not be...

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