My Favorite Move - Squat to Press


Squat to Press is My Favorite Move this week!! It’s an awesome movement for ultimate because it helps your body figure out how to transmit energy from the ground up through a stable trunk and overhead! It develops hip-driven jumping power, and works to ensure that you feel stable in the air...

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My Favorite Move - Side Lunge Pallof Press


My Favorite Move this month is the Side Lunge Pallof Press! This exercise is excellent for evening out core strength and stability for increased cutting power and lower risk of injury. Ultimate players' bodies (by and large) function asymmetrically due to heavy throwing/lunging repetitions on one...

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My Favorite Move: Side Plank Cable Row


The Side Plank Cable Row is an awesome exercise on so many levels! It trains anti-rotation by providing a force that one has to constantly resist (the forward pull of the cable). This teaches the core to stabilize dynamically while the upper body is moving - incredibly important for the...

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My Favorite Move: One-Arm Carry


The One-Arm Carry is an awesome exercise to improve your ultimate performance! It improves your reactive core strength, which increases your ability to change directions quickly, decreases knee/low back stress and corrects core imbalances that can lead to underperformance and injury. A few cues...

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My Favorite Move: The Push Press


The Push Press is one of our favorite movements to use in training ultimate players! When done correctly, it helps athletes develop core stability and full-body coordination in an overhead position. That competency is key for maintaining good position in the air when going up for a disc...

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Mastering the Deadlift

The deadlift is one of the best exercises to improve core stability, increase strength and coordination in your posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, back) and build a strong foundation for hip-driven power! It’s also one of the hardest exercises to master in terms of form. This RenFitness...

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Level up Your Single Leg Strength with Quarter Reps


Click here if you'd prefer watching this video in YouTube.

The Ultimate Athlete Project is a proud sponsor of the Eurostars Tour.

While in Seattle, the Eurostars stopped in at Ren Fitness. Ren is a consultant to and friend of the UAP. In this video Ren and Izzy demonstrate one of our favorite...

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A New Kind Of Testing Ground For Ultimate Players

Photo: Ren at work in the field. With permission from

We opened the RenFitness Gym this year in large part because we felt that having a dedicated facility would help us in our mission of furthering the sport of ultimate. We’ve found so much more value than we even hoped for,...

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Girls In The Mix

Above, Ella Juengst of HB Woodlawn in action at the US High School National Invite in June 2017. Photo: Mark Oslen -

I wrote an article a couple years ago about girls and functional performance training called Growing Up Strong. I want to follow it up now with some training-focused...

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