How to Train Like an Athlete


Training for athletic performance is different than training for general fitness. In this video, we'll explore those differences to help you make better choices about your training.

There is no magic here, simply principles based on science and best practices in the field of Strength and Conditioning. The problem is, many athletes never get exposure to these basic principles because this is not what gets published in mainstream fitness magazines. Popular fitness fads are not based on principles for athletic performance because the goals of gen pop clients are different than the needs of athletes. So, if you consider yourself to be an athlete, then make sure you are getting training that is aligned with your goal of athletic performance!

Three main principles

  1. How strength training for aesthetics differs from strength training for performance. We'll look at exercise selection and training protocols.
  2. Why how you feel during a training session may fool you into less than optimal training habits.
  3. The overlooked role that scheduling plays in your long term athletic development.


Whether you train with us or not, I hope you'll keep these principles in mind as you plan for training this off season.

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