Step Change or Incremental Progress: How These Players Reached The Top

Oct 16, 2018

With Club Nationals coming up this weekend and the off-season beginning for most teams, I've been thinking about what separates elite players from the tier below. I decided to ask a few Nationals-level players some questions to learn more about their journey to the top.

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Practice Made Perfect: How to Make Your Throwing Practice Count

Elite players devote significant time to throwing practice. Beyond volume, there are differences in the quality of how experts practice versus novices or even intermediate throwers. You can see differences in how experts practice across all kinds of motor skills, from playing the cello to serving...

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How to Train Like an Athlete


Training for athletic performance is different than training for general fitness. In this video, we'll explore those differences to help you make better choices about your training.

There is no magic here, simply principles based on science and best practices in the field of Strength and...

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One Simple Way to Adjust Your Training for Injury Prevention

As a student physical therapist and ultimate player, I get a lot of questions about injuries. One of the more common lines of questioning relates to managing current injuries and avoiding future ones. Players are often looking for specific exercises that will help with their injury to add to...

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4 Fundamental Principles of Zone Offense

coaching Sep 18, 2018

Every team has faced a tough zone defense that they just can’t seem to crack. In the most popular URCA video of all time, Ben Wiggins systematically deconstructs every strategy for both zone offense and defense. After watching the presentation, you will be equipped with the knowledge to...

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My Favorite Move - Squat to Press


Squat to Press is My Favorite Move this week!! It’s an awesome movement for ultimate because it helps your body figure out how to transmit energy from the ground up through a stable trunk and overhead! It develops hip-driven jumping power, and works to ensure that you feel stable in the air...

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How to Plan an Effective Practice

coaching urca Aug 21, 2018

Running an efficient ultimate practice session is something that all coaches want to accomplish. It is important to keep players focused, keep them engaged, and keep them learning. But how do you do this? In the URCA Classroom, Keith Raynor gives some tips and tricks to help you run a practice...

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Food for Thought: Are You Eating for Peak Performance?

sofia pereira nutrition Aug 14, 2018

Ultimate tournaments are a great part of our sport, and most of us love getting on the road with our team, playing lots of ultimate, hanging out with other players, team dinners, and going to the tournament parties. But tournaments, as multi-day sport events, can be challenging on the body and...

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Five Throwing Principles Every Handler Should Know


I’m excited to work alongside my best mate Brett Matzuka for our Ultimate Skills Project module where we will expand your throwing skill-set. We will provide some drills so you can do that outside the team practice environment—either on your own or with just one or two...

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How to Get Running Again After Over-Use Injuries (Ask Melissa!)

melissa witmer Jul 31, 2018

Starting in late June and throughout July I've been hosting a series of free live Q&A sessions on Crowdcast. In the clip above, you can see a quick question and answer from one such session. 

It’s been a great way to take questions from UAP members and the wider ultimate...

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